All’s Well That Ends Well

Last week was a study in the phrase “all’s well that ends well”.

The first match of World Cup 2014 had barely began when everyone watching –  especially fans of the Brazilian and Croatian teams – sat mouths frozen mid-cheer when we realized that the ball had actually deflected off Marcelo’s foot and into his own net. Croatia 1 – Brasil 0. That wasn’t supposed to happen, obviously. Scoring on your own team is never a good way to start a match.

That match is now history as Brasil went on to win 3 goals to Croatia’s 1. The best line I saw was this: No-one scores on Brasil but Brasil.


Poor Marcelo – I felt it for you.

The start of World Cup 2014 aside, the other big event that happened in Toronto last Thursday was the Ontario Provincial election  - Liberal vs PC vs NDP. And what a contest it was. Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne had to answer for past Liberal misdeeds, PC’s Tim Hudak tried to convince voters that firing 100,000 people would result in a 1,000, 000 jobs*, while Andrea Horwath made her bid to increase her reach. When the dust settled, the Liberals had won a decisive majority with 59 seats; Tim Hudak (WhoDat) resigned as PC leader after his party slipped to 29 seats, and after all her power-mongering, NDP’s Andrea Horwath managed to gain one extra seat to reach 21 seats. The election was actually a clinic in how to spend an estimated $80million of taxpayers’ money. I hope Kathleen Wynne sent flowers to the Hudak and Horwath camps with the inscription I couldn’t have done it without you.

 *I’m no math major, but even I knew that calculation didn’t make any sense.


Liberals FTW


Taste of Italy closed College St from Bathurst to Ossington – Friday, Saturday and Sunday  - for the annual celebration of all things Italian.  Streetcars, taxis, and motorbikes were replaced by pedestrians – young and old, Italian and non-Italian, strollers, toddlers, and dogs.


The heart of Little Italy

Vendors peddled everything from meatball and pulled-pork sandwiches, roasted corn on the cob, slabs of watermelon, jewelry, clothing, and World Cup memorabilia. Musical acts tackled everything from classic Motown to current Top 10 – their sounds bleeding into each other as they battled for control of their individual spots. My favourite spectacle, by far, was the children dancing to raise funds. They looked to be aged anywhere from 5-12 – arms and legs going every which way – as their adoring parents click-clicked with their camera phones.

Happy Fathers’ Day.


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