Al Fresco Dining!

The one thing I always remember about going to Italy with my family was the Al Fresco dining with everyone in the village. We would arrive in our small village up in the mountains, welcomed by relatives from all over the world who make the trek back, as we do, every summer. The little town [...]

So..Patio is Open!!

We have waited so long…endured, well honestly speaking, not the worst winter or the coldest or even the longest..But we DID survive it and we are ready for summer and all that that entails!! I knew a old man once who used to always say when spring rolled around ” I love summer dresses” . [...]

Summer is Almost Here!!


If that sentence sounds familiar to you then you’ve probably seen the 2004 — now classic — Alexander Payne movie, Sideways. The Oscar nominated film starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Hayden Church is a favourite of mine. It’s a poignant yet wacky ride of a movie set against a backdrop of picturesque vineyards in California. [...]

Life in the big city

  For the past three summers, I have been a regular visitor to Sunnyside Park. It’s a quick walk over the bridge at the bottom of Roncesvalles, and in five minutes I’m sitting next to the lake. Armed with a book, the newspaper, or a camera; it’s a blissful way to spend a Sunday or [...]

On the road …

You would have to be blind and deaf not to notice that traffic in Toronto is getting ridiculous. Just this morning I watched a long stream of vehicles snaking westbound on Queen St. Where are they going? And why do they need to drive to get there? Please know that I have nothing against cars, [...]

Moving forward …

I must confess to being at odds and ends since last Sunday’s World Cup finale. Little wonder, since my days were measured by kick-offs, half-times, extra time, and penalty kicks. Like many people I packed months of drinking, eating and carousing in the period from June 12th to July 13th.  I whooped and hollered; I [...]

1000 words

Happy Canada Day!

I was born in a country different from that of my parents. I now find myself living in a country different from the one I was born, or the one my parents were born in. I am an immigrant. I prided myself on being a citizen of the world – beholden to not one, but [...]

Season of the Sun.

The solstice on Saturday made it official. Summer is finally here! A friend recently commented that young girls are wearing their skirts shorter and shorter each year. I believe that the comment has more to do with him having an 18yr old daughter than anything else. My feeling is if you’re not wearing a short [...]