Life in the big city



For the past three summers, I have been a regular visitor to Sunnyside Park. It’s a quick walk over the bridge at the bottom of Roncesvalles, and in five minutes I’m sitting next to the lake. Armed with a book, the newspaper, or a camera; it’s a blissful way to spend a Sunday or any afternoon.

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Better yet to go with a friend and walk along the boardwalk from Toronto to Etobicoke.  The walk is a great reminder of how much there is to do at the city.  Past the children playing on the grass, the men tending the bbq for the family picnics, the volleyball players, the swimmers in the pool, and being careful to dodge the joggers and cyclists.

And who says love is dead? Not at Sunnyside. Wedding guests were the first people I saw when I got to the Palais Royale on Sunday. And at the far other end I sat and watched another wedding party as they gathered for pictures. Never mind all the couples of all stripes – young and old – hand in hand as they wandered through the park.

Since the early 1900′s, Sunnyside Park has been the setting for great times. As I walked by the iconic Bathing Pavilion, currently under renovations, I couldn’t help but imagine the good times yet to come.



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