Moving forward …

I must confess to being at odds and ends since last Sunday’s World Cup finale. Little wonder, since my days were measured by kick-offs, half-times, extra time, and penalty kicks. Like many people I packed months of drinking, eating and carousing in the period from June 12th to July 13th.  I whooped and hollered; I fist-pumped and shit-talked. By the time Germany won against Argentina, I was exhausted.


But what now?


There’s certainly much to choose from as Toronto is awash in things to do and see this time of year — the Indy, the upcoming Scotiabank Caribbean Festival (aka Caribana), Salsa on St. Clair, Taste of Toronto, the Rogers Cup, the Beaches Jazz Festival — the list is seemingly endless.

But I say later for that list; I’ll be kicking it old school. I’m going to the movies. For me, going to see a blockbuster summer movie ranks right up there with displaying my new pedicure in fancy sandals, reading, and drinking rosé* on a patio. While my taste in reading tends towards the high-brow, my summer movie watching appetite is quite the opposite. Let’s just say, I will never be accused of being a film snob cause I like action, action and more action.  Does the movie include explosives, spies, crazy stunts, car chases, shooting, martial arts, parkour, or hero/ine racing against the clock to save the world? If the answer is yes, then I am there with a snack** squirreled away in my bag, and a scarf to ward off the air-conditioning. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against comedy but the filmmaker’s idea of funny might not be my idea of funny so I’m not wasting my money.  That’s why I watch comedies on my television.


Action is my jam.


First movie I ever saw at the theatre was James Bond’s Live and Let Die when I was a young ‘un. Consequently my favourite Bond is Roger Moore***; though Daniel Craig is closing the gap fast. There’s nothing I like better than sitting in a darkened theatre in the middle row for optimal sound and picture – foot tapping as the film kicks into the third act. I have no shame about loving some action with my summer. Because everything gets resolved on the screen – it’s a cathartic experience.

Action movies are about comeuppance. About the villain getting his/hers.

At the end of a week when non-combatants on their way to an AIDS conference were shot out of the sky, and children on both sides of the Palestine/Israel conflict were blown to smithereens, watching Godzilla  and Edge of Tomorrow can almost be seen an antidote to shock and despair. A means of righting wrongs. At least for me.

See you at the movies.


*list not in any particular order

**anything but popcorn

*** don’t laugh. Roger rocked.

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