Season of the Sun.

The solstice on Saturday made it official. Summer is finally here!

A friend recently commented that young girls are wearing their skirts shorter and shorter each year. I believe that the comment has more to do with him having an 18yr old daughter than anything else. My feeling is if you’re not wearing a short skirt/dress when you’re young – wtf not? Unlike the recent winter of our discontent; Canada’s season of the sun, like youth, is so brief, it should be taken advantage of as often as possible. And plus, it’s the Canadian way. The temperature goes up, the clothing comes off. Warm weather is all about showing some skin, whatever your age.

Warm weather is also about the pleasure of people watching from a patio while sipping a favourite cocktail. Campari and soda, anyone? Find yourself a patio, ( might I suggest Sotto Voce?) and watch the world go by. See the couple, with kids and dog trailing, out for an evening stroll. See the teenagers as they strut by, secure in their youthful beauty. See the friends catch up over glasses of wine, full plates and laughter-filled conversation. See the parade of motorbikes and hear their full-throttled vroom vroom. See the woman scouring the recycle bins for returnable bottles. A snapshot of Toronto’s much lauded diversity in the blink of an eye.

Flirtatious glances, dancing, stilettos and sandals, toned arms and long legs, hipster insouciance, cocktails, abs-so-glute-ly, senior and tykes, World Cup fever, this weekend’s World Pride parade, cottage country – enjoy it all.

Is there a better place to be, than Toronto in the summer? I don’t think so.

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