So..Patio is Open!!

We have waited so long…endured, well honestly speaking, not the worst winter or the coldest or even the longest..But we DID survive it and we are ready for summer and all that that entails!! I knew a old man once who used to always say when spring rolled around ” I love summer dresses” . Funny thing, his last name was Sommers, a little ironic. That was more than twenty years ago, as we looked off the patio together admiring all the lovely women strolling by with their dogs, fresh groceries or holding the hands of their little ones…Flash forward to last weekend as I again sat at table 17 (best seat on the patio) gazing at the busy corner of College and Clinton with Jazzy and her friend. Without missing a beat, as we sipped a chilled glass of Gavi, both girls whispered, we love summer dresses! I chuckled as so much has changed, yet really nothing has changed…. Beauty is just that wether a pretty dress, a beautiful woman, a glass of wine, love for a friend, the view from the patio …Its all beautiful and we have to stop to see it, smell it, taste it and hear it… none of which needs to be captured on snap chat or Instagram…LIVE IN THE MOMENT…….

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